Sylvy Aquarelles
My mother gave birth to me in the suburbs of Bordeaux. Daughter and granddaughter of soldier, I spent a part of my childhood in Africa where I already drew as all children, I shaped, I sculpted as soon as I had earthen in my hands, or cheese wax that I keep as a treasure.
During my girlhood I began to write. Then life drew me in Dordogne where I got married, then in Paris and finally in Loiret.
After thirteen books, I was tired of writing and I wanted to move on. Creating all kinds paced my life.
From time to time to spend long winter´s days and make snowflakes come, I painted from time to time some snow landscapes and flowers (gouache, oil, pastels, ...) I offered to my children.
My daughter bought me one day watercolors saying: ´Look, Mom, try it!´
In 2008, my friend Florence asked me to paint birthday cards for a friend, then for another person in her family, her husband. She encouraged me to start in watercolor. Why not, I had never done it ! My husband made up equipment on accasion of a birthday party and here I am self-educated, drawing and painting flowers of my garden !
Two years later, I was preparing for my first show... and my husband created my website.
Here's how I left my pen to swell up my coat painter...
The exhibitions follow. In 2014 some followers come to me for advice. In 2015, my watercolors enter the gallery Mailla in Pont sur Yonne, then in Sens. In 2017, they are listed Akoun.
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